Teaching Statement:

Each of my students prepares one or two pieces for recital performances every fall and spring. Basic setup, involving cello posture, bow hold, and left hand/arm are emphasized from the earliest stages of development. I am very comfortable with beginners, having started over 30 cellists in the past 3 years, many of whom are involved in school and youth ensembles. I have extensive experience with adult beginners, as well as with beginning students from 3-10 years old.

Scales and bow tone exercises are the foundation of my teaching. Lessons are always balanced between tone work, scales, an etude if needed, and repertoire. Several of my beginning students are now intermediate after 2 years, and I work on college orchestra audition preparation with my high school students. I focus on hand positions and developing a beautiful tone. My students flourish musically through exploring rhythm and phrasing.

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